Soda Press & SodaStream- A Perfect Alternative to Sugary Sodas and Syrups

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for the sugary fizz? You’re not alone. Though it is well known that drinking water is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle, many of us can’t fathom the thought of reaching for a glass of tap water over a sugary soda because the taste can be bit flat (pardon the pun). 

The dangers of sugary sodas are real 

Traditional sodas often contain ingredients that can negatively impact our overall health and well-being. Sugary sodas are high in calories and can contain as many as 15 teaspoons of sugar per serving with zero nutritional value (that’s equal to around 3 freddo frogs! Yikes!). This can result in a heightened risk of developing tooth decay, weight gain, and other metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes – so definitely best to avoid the sugar and keep the figure. 

Soda Press Co. – a healthier alternative to sugary sodas & syrups 

Finally, healthier soda and mixing syrups... We’ve taken our inspiration from the way things were done in the old days, you know when folks made real things from real ingredients, with integrity and pride. The result? Mouth-wateringly good syrups that are bursting with real flavour, with about half the sugar of the other guys. 

Just add fizzy water from a bottle of soda/sparkling water or your SodaStream. Now you can enjoy artificial free, reduced sugar sodas, cocktails, slushies, popsicles, over ice-cream and more. Our flavours range from the beloved classics through to the experimental that we think will tickle your fancy, enabling even the kids to get their creative-on. 

By using flavours to spice up your SodaStream sparkling water, you are doing your body a healthy and delicious favour. Our syrups are: 

• Certified Organic 

• Vegan 

• GMO Free 

• Gluten Free 

• Contain no artificial ingredients 

• Contain no stevia 

An abundance of flavours 

With so many flavour options, making the transition to a healthier soda is quite easy. There are a large range of classic flavours such as Organic Cola, Ginger Ale, Indian Tonic and Old Fashioned Lemonade. We even have a range of Kombucha Concentrate which is the first concentrated Kombucha to be made globally, now you can make your own top notch kombucha at home. 

The best part is, you get to decide how much or how little syrup you want to add to your water to suit your preferences. Are you a ‘sweet soul’ or the ‘tone it down’ type? Better get experimenting to find out.