Our Story

Frustrated with inferior mass market cordials and syrups, we formed a collective of smart and restless minds to fix this. We’ve applied the best of modern and old fashioned techniques. We only use premium natural and organic ingredients with organic brown rice syrup via a small batch, slow-brew process. This nifty innovation allows us to deliver bold flavours with 40-50% less sugar than your average syrup. And let’s not forget, we’ve removed all the ugly numbers too.

Now you can enjoy guilt-free sodas, cocktails, slushies and icy-pops, or even drizzled over ice-cream. Our syrups enable you to get creatively involved. 

A bottle of Soda Press can save six plastic bottles entering rubbish tips or our water systems. Not to mention all the carbon and oil required to produce, transport and store pre-carbonated bottles, only to be consumed within minutes. Over 90% of our product is recycled and 100% is recyclable.

Our flavours range from the beloved classics through to the experimental that we think will tickle your fancy.

Mixing: 1 Part Syrup to 6 Parts Water (this is a guide, some like it sweeter, some less)