Organic Kombucha – Live Shelf Stable Probiotic Concentrate.

Organic Kombucha – World First Shelf Stable Kombucha Concentrates

We have a gut feeling you'll love our range of probiotic-packed, low sugar kombucha concentrates. A very clever innovation that was over 12 months in the making, this is the world's first Certified Organic Shelf-stable Kombucha Concentrate.

For over a year now we’ve been working on this innovation. By bringing back one of the oldest and strongest Kombucha cultures known, we’ve been able to create a shelf-stable product that packs a whopping 1 Billion+ live probiotics per serve, (around 3 times higher than your standard Kombucha's). Additionally, our original kombucha syrup is low in sugar, at less than 1 gram of sugar/100mls, without using the like of Stevia. Our products are organic, suitable for vegans and are all gluten-free. We're better for you, the planet, and your wallet, Kombu-cha-cha-cha".

Why Drink Kombucha?

Kombucha tastes good – it’s refreshing with the added bonus of being good for you.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has been around for thousands of years and has health benefits for your brain, heart and gut. It is rich in beneficial probiotics and also contains antioxidants. Soda Press Organic Kombucha is lower in sugar than most other Kombucha brands on the market and the probiotics in our drinks are around 3 times higher than your standard Kombucha drinks, not to mention we have two delicious flavours you won’t be able to resist.

How to make Kombucha at home

There are many different ways to make kombucha at home but Soda Press has done all the hard work for you. Simply select the flavour you like and add the syrup to sparkling or still water, it’s so easy with our Kombucha concentrates.

Use 1 part syrup to 4 parts sparkling or still water and adjust this to your taste preference.
Our syrups have around an 18-month shelf life and you will need to refrigerate only after opening. They will also still be tasty for 3 months in the fridge after opening.


Our Kombucha Flavours are anything but ordinary

Organic Kombucha Concentrate – Original

 Soda Press certified Original Kombucha Syrup has a traditional, sharp, sour flavour, punchy aroma and apple and peach notes.

Cola Nut & Kaffir Lime

It contains natural cola nuts with notes of rosemary, lavender and cinnamon combined with hints of kaffir lime.



*NEW* Passionfruit & Mandarin

With the zest of ripe mandarins and notes of sweet tropical passionfruit, this brew is an ode to summer.