Delicious Summer Cocktails Recipes – Soda Press Flavours

Easy Summer Cocktails Recipes

Soda Press flavours range from the beloved classics through to the experimental that we think will tickle your fancy enabling even the kids to get their creative-on with our alcohol-free mocktails. These simple summer cocktail recipes use our Soda Press syrups and take the hard work out of bartending so you can spend more time enjoying them.

Games in the Garden
The ultimate summer cocktail, uplifting with delicate raspberry tones rounded off with refreshing yet subtle mint notes.


Fill your cup with ice, add the gin and Soda Press Raspberry and Mint Syrup, then fill with soda water. Cover the surface with raspberries and a few sprigs of mint.

Raspberries are pretty decedent, so mint on its own or other berries will substitute just fine. For an alcohol-free delicious summer mocktail just add fizzy water from a bottle of soda/sparkling water from your SodaStream.

Soda Press Cocktails_Sodastream

Punch for a Party
For a large group or a long day, there really is no better idea than punch. This recipe uses the Soda Press Blueberry and Lime syrups but you can use this recipe with any of our soda press syrups and make your own creations. The Zingy combination of sweet blueberry and lime is absolutely delicious. It pairs well with apple, peach, vanilla and almond. Try out some extra spice too, with a pinch of cinnamon or even coriander in the mix.


  • 2 parts soda water
  • 2 parts apple juice
  • 3 parts vodka
  • 2 parts Soda Press Blueberry and Lime Syrup
  • 1 part freshly squeezed lime juice
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • Apples and lime slices


Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl. Garnish with cut fruit. Serve with ice-filled glasses.

Soda Press Blueberry and Lime Syrup works well with vodka, gin and even Irish whiskey or for a non-alcoholic alternative just add fizzy water from a bottle of soda/sparkling water from your SodaStream and top with your favourite fruit. 

Pink Grapefruit Collins
This long, cool drink is perfect for summer afternoons by the pool, or as a welcome summer cocktail drink as your guests arrive.

Soda Press Pink Grapefruit


Fill glass ½ way with ice cubes, set aside in the freezer. Combine gin and syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add 1 cup ice, cover and shake until chilled. Strain into the chilled Collins glass. Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime.

There are plenty of folk out there that savour a dash (cap-full) of pink grapefruit syrup to a glass of sparkling wine or champagne for a little tutti-frutti to their afternoon/evening.