[New] FAQ

Do I need to refrigerate?
Only after opening. They will still be tasty for 3 months in the fridge after opening

What's the right mixing amount?
Ideally a 1 part syrup to 6 parts sparkling water. But as peoples tastes preferences are changing, it’s also good to Taste-to-Test. If you are wanting to make a 1L bottle up, fill the syrup to the start of the bottle neck after carbonating. Please note the Kombucha Concentrates are a 1:4 ratio.

How do you sweeten your syrups?
We don’t use any stevia or nasty artificial sugar substitutes. When you use premium organic ingredients you deliver more honest and bolder flavours, thus less reliance on the need to add sugar and other nasties. Sugar occurs naturally within the organic juice concentrates we use, we also add some organic sugar, organic brown rice syrup and an innovation called Monkfruit juice. Monkfruit was used by Buddhist monks for thousands of years to treat illnesses and in cooking, so it actually has medicinal benefits. On average 50% less in sugar than regular syrups and soft drinks. We’ll keep reducing sugar and will soon be another 10% less.

How long is the Shelf life?
Around 18 months. A special cold-fill pasteurisation process, along with the brown bottles, and the fact that it’s a syrup, provide the product a long safe life. You will need to keep in the fridge after opening.

Why Brown bottles?
They help protect the syrup without having to use preservative

Why the name Soda Press?
Syrups in the old days was made in a fruit press, much of our fruit ingredients still follow this process

Are your products vegan?
Yes all of them

Are your products Gluten Free?
Yes all of them

Are your products Organic?
Yes all of them are certified Organic

Are your products Non GMO?
Yes all of them

Are your products Allergen free?
Yes and are all tested with no detectable allergens

Where can I find the ingredients for your syrups?
On the product page within the site

Will I get charged in AUD if ordering online from New Zealand?
Shopify only allows a single currency, you may be charged in AUD but it will always be the same as what you were shown in NZD

Can I use any other water or do I need to use just SodaStream?
You can you whatever water you like, we like SodaStream as it’s effective and stops single use plastic

What is the ratio when adding ice?
Put the ice in at the end or use a 1:5 ratio. Taste to test is best.

Do the Syrups have any alcohol?
Only at trace and insignificant levels 0.15g-0.2g ABV which is a natural ethanol that is used to stabilise the flavours

Can I add syrups before carbonating in my SodaStream?
No. Doing so will make a mess and risk damaging your Sparkling Water Maker

Does your Tonic contain quinine?
Yes and it’s real quinine not the chemically substituted version, it’s sustainably sourced from the bark of the fever tree (Cinchona) and contains 0.76g of quinine per 100ml diluted. Natural quinine can natural anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is still widely used to treat and prevent malaria.

Which of your syrups contain caffeine?
Only very small naturally occurring amounts from the Cola Nuts in the Blonde Cola syrup and the Cola Nut and Kaffir Lime Kombucha Concentrate. Please view the individual ingredients labels which can be located by clicking on each bottle for the complete nutritional information.

Are the 4L casks available for general customers to purchase?
Not at this stage

What flavours do the 4L casks come in?
Please contact us sales@sodapressco.com

I am interested in stocking your product. Do you sell wholesale?
Yes please e-mail us and we’ll connect you. sales@sodapressco.com

Is it real Kombucha?
It is a true Kombucha and is traditionally brewed by hand in small batches over 45 days. It also has consumption activated cultures in the form a stable Bacillus coagulans spores. http://www.uniquebiotech.com/products/bacillus_coagulans It is a by definition a Kombucha concentrate, we apply the name “Syrup” only as consistency across our non-Kombucha syrups.These spores acre activated into live probiotics once they reach the enzymes in your stomach. This also ensures that you are not consuming mostly-dead probiotics as many kombucha drinks are.

Our product is naturally cold pasteurised and stabilised as many other leading brands are such as Remedy, Nexba, and Kombucha Max to name a few. We have developed this to provide the convenience of home kombucha without any of the work or mess to guarantee safety and consistency. You get to choose how strong and how fizzy you like it, as everybody has their own take on preferred Kombucha strength. If you would like more information on our test results on sugars, probiotic loads and more by the https://www.measurement.gov.au please let us know cam@sodapressco.com. We and some of Australasia’s leading food scientists in this space are proud to be breaking new ground and providing new and interesting opportunities for folks to consume Kombucha.

Does the diluted Kombucha have any alcohol?
Our NMI tested Kombucha has ethanol at a very low range of between 0.20-0.40%, which is on average 5 times less than standard Kombucha and safe for children and adults alike.

Does your kombucha contain sugar?
Yes at very low levels of 0.6 grams/100ml diluted which is around 5 times less than standard Kombucha drinks. We don’t use Stevia or any other nasty sugar substitutes. We also use Monkfruit juice which was used by Buddhist monks for thousands of years to treat illnesses and in cooking, it actually has medicinal benefits.

How long is the Shelf life? Around 18 months. A special cold-fill pasteurisation process, along with the brown bottles, and the fact that it’s a syrup, provide the product a long safe life. Once opened it will keep in the fringe safely for 3 months

Still have some questions? Contact us on info@sodapressco.com