Once Cam left NZ to see the rest of the world, he found far too much food to be over processed and uninspiring, especially in trying to find a premium, healthier and better tasting syrup for his beloved SodaStream. The problem was also his mixers, cocktails and most especially his Indian Tonic. They were always loaded with nasty chemicals and far too sweet. This always bugged Cam, who despite working in advertising for many years, found himself constantly asking "why are there not better products out there?"

Then penny dropped and here we all are.

Soda Press Co is a little company with pure ambition, we think people's palates deserve more. Our selection of handcrafted low sugar and certified organic flavours comprise of some beloved classics through to new creations that we think will tickle your fancy. Ideal for SodaStream, cocktails, mixers, ice cold drinks, hot drinks, through to popsicles, slushies, and milkshakes. There's a whole lot of creativity to be had with just one bottle which makes 17 drinks.

Mixing: 1 Part Syrup to 6 Parts Water (this is a guide, some like it sweeter, some less)