Food Service

On trend for 2017 / in-house craft soda

Rid yourself of bulky fridges and bulky boxes of bottles. Would you serve a customer in-house with a paper cup? Then why serve a common glass bottle? It make no sense and it certainly makes even less commercial sense anymore. 

In-house filtered (still and carbonated water systems) start from as little as $30/week to rent, allowing fast and inexpensive, premium (low sugar and organic) craft soda’s, mixers and tonic to be served on mass.


Make an impressive lift in increase gross profit of around 380% per serve ($1.20 to $4.50). For an average size cafe that's an additional $10k a year in GP.

Our safe-pour (4 Litre syrup) formats deliver 80 x 350ml drinks at just 50 cents a serve.

We have special deals with partners on commercial tap systems (just e-mail us)

You win, your customers win and the planet wins too!

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