Organic - Blonde Cola (soda & mixing syrup)

Gold Medal and Champion Beverage Award (Royal Hobart International Fine Food Awards 2017)

Indulge in a world-first Blonde Cola. Blonde because we left all the nasty stuff out, putting more of the good back in, to create the apex of colas. It blends perfectly with real cola nuts, ginger, lemons, cinnamon, spices, rosemary and lavender. It packs a cola punch whilst low in sugar and caffeine. Oh yeah, we also left out the corrosive phosphoric acid that those other guys put in it.

  • At least 50% less sugar* (4.9g/100mls) / Certified organic / all natural / nothing artificial 
  • After opening, put in fridge - Will last for 6 months
  • Fine for kids too as it's only trace caffeine 

* Than leading Cola brand (Australia and New Zealand 2018)

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