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Print This Recipe Download Mixology Booklet
The classic dark and stormy Gold Rum Cocktail, with an even stormier kick. Turning the tide on a much loved staple, a slice of lime and a smashed chilli add a hit of heat and a touch of tart.


High Ball


  • 30ml Soda Press Co Original Ginger Ale Soda Mixer
  • 30ml Gold Rum
  • 15ml Lime Juice
  • SodaStream sparkling water to top
  • Lime Slices
  • Fresh Chilies


Combine soda mix, rum, lime juice and slices in a glass with ice and stir. Top with a dash of sparkling water. Add fresh chili to taste.


Pineapple, blood orange or pear juice makes an excellent rum substitute.

TIP: Rolling your limes on a hard surface prior to slicing will soften the flesh and make it easier to release the juices when squeezing.

Made with

Organic - Ginger Ale (soda & mixer syrup)

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